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Introduction The minutes of various meetings

Minutes of joint Executive and Council Meeting 2001, IGCA
Date: April 29, 2001, 12:00am-2:30pm
Venue: York Hilton, Clinton Room on second floor of the hotel
The participants were
President J-P Kim (Korea)
President-elect M.F. Brennan (U.S.A.)
Past President J.R. Siewert (Germany)
The 3rd President E. Santro (Italy)
Secretary General T. Takahashi (Japan)
Council Member J.A. Ajani (U.S.A.)
P. Corea (U.S.A.)
H. O. Douglass (U.S.A.)
J. W. Fielding (U.K)
S.M. Kim (Korea)
J.S. Min (Korea)
S.C. Ming (U.S.A.)
T. Nakajima (Japan.)
Sugano (Japan)
Office Secretary Y. Kato (Japan)
K. Maruyama (Japan)
T. Sano (Japan)
T. Yamaguchi (Japan)
Congress Secretary M. Karpeh (U.S.A.)
Observer Pinoci (Brazil) by deputy of Ruy
Bevilaqua (Brazil)

1. Opening remarks:
President of IGCA, Dr. J-P Kim gave short remarks and chaired the meeting.
Congress President, Dr. M. Brennan gave cordial welcome message to New York.

2. Adoption of Agenda:
Draft Agenda was adopted.

3. Adoption of the Minutes of the 1999 joint Executive and Council Meeting
The Draft of Minutes of the joint Executive and Council Meeting held on April 27, 1999 in Seoul was approved unanimously.

4. Report of Secretary General
Secretary General of IGCA, Takahashi, reported the number of membership of IGCA and subscriber of Journal "Gastric Cancer" as of April 10, 2001. A total of numbers were 814. Concerning countries, it was 589 for Japan, 98 for Korea, 36 for Italy, 29 for Germany, 24 for U.S.A., 23 for Brazil and 175 for other countries. The number of member increased every two-congress year.
A total of Journal subscribers of IGCA member were 814. All of Japanese members were subscriber as the member of either JGCA or IGCA. Other than Japan, it was 60 for Korea, 21 for Italy, 16 for Brazil, 13 for U.S.A. and 115 for other countries.

5. Report of Official Journal "Gastric Cancer"
Dr. Sano reported that the official journal "Gastric Cancer" of Volume 2(No.1, No2, No.3 and No.4) and Volume 3(No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4) was published from June 1, 1999 to April 30, 2001. One hundred and seventy three papers were submitted before March 2001. 133 for Japan, 22 for Europe, 11 for Asia, 5 for U.S.A., 2 for South America, 1 for Russia. One hundred and nineteen were original paper, 33 were case report, 5 were letter 4 were review article.
Editorial office made several efforts to encourage submission as follow.
Establishment of "Nishi Memorial Award 2,000 US$ for 3 best authors in each volume by JGCA, obligatory submission by the members of JGCA Director Board, application for indexing in Index Medics, soliciting review articles, on-line issue in the LINK system and donation to the worldwide libraries.

6. Report of Treasurer
As Treasurer, Prof. Hiki was unable to come to New York, Council and Office Secretary Dr. Nakajima, made the financial report on 1999 and 2000 fiscal years as follow.
Against the budget of income for 1999, $25,443.00, actual income was $38,569. Actual expenditure was $18,278, including personnel expense ($3,421), directory printing ($7,614), and postage (3,387). Balance as of Dec/1999 was $29,265. Against the budget of income for 2000, $25,443, actual income was $18,122. Actual expenditure was $13,949, including ICSG membership due ($2,000), personnel expense ($4,107), and postage ($1,043).

There were discussions on the future budget:
The budget was too small to maintain the normal activity of IGCA and the raise of annual due from $30 to $50 was proposed. The proposal was approved unanimously.

Budget for 2001 and 2002
Budget of income and expenditure for 2001 and 2002 years was estimated to be$50,000.00. It was proposed to the general assembly and approved.

7. Issues
a) New members of officers were elected as follow:
President: Murry F. Brennan (U.S.A.)
President -elect: E. Santoro (Italy)
Past President: J-P Kim (Korea)
b) New council members were elected as follow:
Gamma, J. Rodrigues (Brazil), P. Guilford (New Zealand), Wittekind (Germany), Ricard Rosi (Chile), Wei-Chung You (China), Martin Karpeh (U.S.A.) and M.. Kitajima (Japan)
c) Outgoing council members are:
F.P. Gall (Germany), J.R. Jass (New Zealand), A. Cuscheri (U.K.), P. Hermaneck (Germany), P Llorens (Chile), and G.W. Xu (P.R. China).
d) M. Kamishishi (Tokyo) and Mok Yong-Jae (Seoul) were appointed as new office secretary.
e) The J-P Kim lecture by donation of US$20,000 from Dr. J-P Kim (3rd IGCA President) was proposed and approved.
f) The Nishi-Takahashi lecture by donation of US 20,000 from Dr. Takahashi was proposed and approved. The late Dr. Nishi was the founder and 1stPresident of IGCA in 1995 and Dr. Takahashi has been Secretary General since then.
g) Issue of International Council of Surgical Gastroenterology (ICSG)
Secretary General, Takahashi, reported that IGCA office received a request for US$ 5,000 payment as the 2001 dues of International Council of Surgical Gastroenterology (ICSG) in November 2000. The 1999 dues of ICSG was US$ 2,000. And he mentioned that US $ 5,000 is too expensive for IGCA which has a small budget of only US$ 20,000 a year. Council discussed on this issue and decided that IGCA will pay US$ 2,000 a year for ICSG dues. If ICSG requests US $ 5,000 for annual dues, IGCA should resign the membership of ICSG.

8. Congress President Dr. Brennan explained at the 4th IGCC New York Meeting. The meeting included Gelb Lecture, Nishi Memorial Lecture, 1 Teleconference, 11 Symposia, 1 video presentation and 644 oral and poster Presentations.
Dr. Brennan explained the financial problem and support from Memorial Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center to organize the 4th IGCC in New. And he suggested that IGCA would make some guidelines for the next International Gastric Cancer Congress.

9. The 5th IGCC in 2003
Dr. Santro reported that the 5th IGCC will be held in Rome, May 8, 9, 10, 2003.

10. The 6th IGCC in 2005.
The sites proposed for the 6th IGCC were Tokyo and Sao Paulo. Japanese Gastric Association recommended Tokyo and Brazilian Gastric Cancer Association and Brazilian College of Digestive Surgery recommended Sao Paulo. The Executive and Council elected Tokyo as the venue of 6th IGCC in 2005 and Sao Paulo as the favorable venue as the 7th IGCC in 2007. Prof. Kitajima (Keio University) will be the President of 6th IGCC in Tokyo.

11. Prof. R. J. Siewert (2nd President) and Prof. J-P-Kim (3rd President) were nominated for honorary President of IGCA. The Executive and Council approved unanimously.

12. President J-P Kim gave closing address.

The meeting adjourned at 14:30.


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